What Is An Air Shower?

Air showers are located at the entrances to cleanrooms and provide an extra layer of protection when it comes to cleansing workers of contaminants before they go in. By removing dust and other particles from individuals before they enter the cleanroom, air showers are vital in maintaining a contaminant-free workspace. Here, we look at what an air shower is and why they are so important to many industries.

How do air showers work?

Air showers work by blowing clean air over workers at a high speed. The air is quickly blown through adjustable nozzles and when it hits dust and other contaminants on skin and clothing it forces them away from the body and deposits them onto filters.

This leaves the individual free from particles which could negatively affect the work being carried out in the cleanroom. The air is blown for just a few seconds and the individual then waits a few seconds longer before the door is released and allows them access to the cleanroom.

Why are air showers important?

Air showers are important because they help to keep your cleanroom free of dust and other particles which could contaminate the work you’re carrying out. This could help you to avoid costly mistakes which can occur should unwanted contaminants be brought into the cleanroom from the outside.

Air showers can also help you to maintain your cleanroom as they will slow down the build-up of particulates over time. If barely any contaminants are coming into the cleanroom, you’ll find that it won’t need cleaning as often. Plus, this puts less strain on the filters within your cleanroom which means that they’ll work efficiently for longer.

Now that you know what an air shower is, contact us if you think that this is something that could benefit you and your work environment.

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