What are Robot Safety Cabinets?

A robot safety cabinet is one that is large enough to house a laboratory robot while it carries out its automated work. Like other microbiological safety cabinets, a robot safety cabinet will help to keep your workspace safe and free from contaminants which might otherwise escape into the air, giving you peace of mind at all times.

What is the SafeFAST XXL?

The SafeFAST XXL is a customised microbiological safety cabinet perfect for use with laboratory robots. Manufactured by Faster S.r.l, it belongs to the latest generation of laminar airflow systems and has very generous dimensions, enabling it to house automatic laboratory robots carrying out a whole range of tasks, including liquid handling and filling machines.

In addition to being a very useful piece of equipment, the SafeFAST XXL has been designed to have minimal environmental impact too. Made with 99% recyclable components and the ability to save up to 30% when it comes to power consumption, the SafeFAST XXL is the ideal robot safety cabinet for eco-friendly laboratories. To find out more about the SafeFAST XXL, download our product brochure here.

What are the benefits of the SafeFAST XXL?

The are a number of reasons why the SafeFAST XXL is a great robot safety cabinet. Firstly, it has a patented equaliser downflow which provides unrivalled laminar airflow distribution across the whole surface, plus its software has been designed to provide optimum handling. Secondly, the front window can be opened fully when required, which makes accessing the robot and cleaning the cabinet super easy. Another benefit of choosing the SafeFast XXL for your lab is that it has a reinforced worksurface which makes it capable of holding an impressive 500kg when required!

Now that you know what a robot safety cabinet is and why the SafeFAST XXL is a great choice, contact Faster Air today and discuss any specific customisation needs you might have or to request a quote.

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