Three Common Fume Hood Mistakes

Fume hoods have been designed to prevent contamination and keep workplaces safe, but issues can occur if they are not used properly. Here, we share three common fume hood mistakes and how to avoid making them.

Using a fume hood without proper training

As with any piece of laboratory equipment, you should not use a fume hood without proper training as this could put you, the sample you are working with, and your workspace at risk. If you need to use a fume hood but have not been shown how, ensure that you request training beforehand to avoid any potential issues.

If you work in a lab and have new starters joining you, it is important to teach them how to use a fume hood and to provide instructions which they can refer to. Placing signs around the fume hood detailing its correct use can also be helpful.

Using a fume hood without checking the airflow

Before using a fume hood, you should always check that the equipment is on and that air is flowing how it should be. You can check this via the airflow meter. In most cases you will be notified by an alarm if air isn’t moving correctly through the fume hood, but it’s always worth double checking before you start working so that you can be sure. You should also remove any extra items from the fume hood which could interfere with the airflow.

Not having your fume hood tested regularly

There are several standards and guidelines which every fume hood should meet, and by complying with these you can be confident that yours is working effectively. Regular testing is essential to ensure your equipment is compliant with regulations, keeping your employees safe and protecting the integrity of your samples.

These three common mistakes can be easily avoided with the right knowledge. If you have questions or need advice on how to use and maintain your fume hood, or if you require a quote contact the Faster team at Biopharma Group today.

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