The Benefits of Lab Equipment Customisation

The Benefits of Lab Equipment Customisation

Here at Biopharma Group, we are able to offer customisation of lab equipment such as Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinets, to meet the needs of our laboratory clients.

Re-using an existing item in your lab is not always due to saving money in the overall budget. It also has a positive impact on the environment and can provide a more efficient use of the space within a laboratory setting as well as many other benefits.

Things to consider when purchasing new equipment for your lab

If you are looking to improve or expand upon the current microbiological safety cabinets and other equipment in your lab, the decisions which affect your purchases could be influenced by many factors.

The things you should ask yourself when exploring your lab equipment options are:

  • What is available within my overall budget?
  • What is the cost of a new item compared to getting an existing item refurbished and which is most cost effective?
  • How could I utilise customisation of equipment to make better use of space in my lab?
  • How could my choice of equipment impact the environment, and should I be customising current equipment or opting for a new eco-friendly model?
  • How could some of my existing equipment be repurposed?
  • How can I utilise customisation to suit the applications of my working practices?
  • Discuss with your laboratory staff to get an idea of how customisation of equipment could help them perform their tasks more effectively and improve working practices.

Why choose customisation over new equipment?

There are many reasons for choosing a customised piece of equipment for your laboratory. We have listed a few below:

Save Money

By choosing to customise some of your existing items, you will save money which can be allocated to a second piece of additional equipment for the lab, and get the most out of your budget.

Maximise efficiency

By choosing to customise an item for your lab such as a microbiological safety cabinet, you can create a cabinet that works specifically for your needs as a laboratory technician and find that it fulfils its purpose more effectively than a ready-made cabinet that is purchased brand new, but is not made to measure to your exact requirements.

Reduce the environmental impact

By getting your existing equipment re-sized or re-purposed, it will allow you to reduce your impact on the environment as well as reduce your spending. Whilst some new models also help to reduce impact on the environment in the way they are operated, you may find that re-purposing old equipment helps to reduce waste and can also be adapted to be more clean and green in line with your organisation’s policies.

Save space

Customising equipment can allow you to arrange your workstations more efficiently, especially if you have limited space. See our blog on how the layout of your lab can improve efficiency.

How Biopharma Can Help – UK Distributors for FASTER Products

At Biopharma Group, we can provide consultation and advice on the right lab products for you and your practices. We provide a customisation service for microbiological safety cabinets to make them suitable for your chosen applications. Our teams work with businesses and institutions across the UK to meet their operational, environmental and financial requirements. If you are considering updating your laboratory equipment and would like to discuss your needs with an expert and get a quote, you can call us on 01962 841092 or get in touch via our online contact form.

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