Case Study: Roslin Institute, UK – Home of ‘Dolly The Sheep’

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In the earlier part of 2020, we were delighted with the opportunity to provide equipment for a world renowned research facility – the Roslin Institute. This project was exciting for many reasons but mostly because many of you may remember that the teams at the Roslin Institute were responsible for the famous ‘Dolly the Sheep’ project, where the first the mammal was cloned from an adult somatic cell, using the process of nuclear transfer.

Dolly the Sheep was a significant scientific discovery and Dolly herself went on to live from 1996 to 2003 – longer than the average life expectancy for a sheep which is normally 10 to 12 years.

What we did

We were contacted by the Roslin Institute and our Northern Clean Air specialist Dougie Scott made a visit to the Roslin Institute in February 2020 to discuss the requirements for the team, who were in the process of developing their recently launched, cutting edge Large Animal Research Imaging Facility.

flow fast cabinet

Doug met with the institute’s facilities and services manager Brian McTeir and established that they were in need of 2 FlowFAST H Laminar Flow Hoods. FlowFAST H is an ISO Class 3 horizontal laminar flow hood – a far more economical and practical alternative to a clean-room, providing uncontaminated, particle-free, sterile conditions in the workspace.

These were provided within a short time frame, successfully delivered and installed at the facility with ease. Thanks to our team’s expert knowledge and our ability to deliver solutions FAST for our clients, the Roslin Institute were able to receive the correct equipment for their needs, in a timely manner and with zero fuss so that they could proceed with the completion of their innovative new research facility.

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