SafeFAST Elite Class I

The SafeEFAST Elite Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinet belongs to the latest generation of laminar airflow systems, combining rigid safety requirements with high quality construction. Designed as a Class I Biohazard cabinet according to EN-12469.

As with all Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinets, it is designed with an open-front allowing air from the environment to flow in through the front aperture to provide user protection. The ‘dirty’ air passes through the work area, before being filtered through a G3 pre-filter and an H14 HEPA filter and exhausted back into the laboratory as ‘clean’ air.

The SafeEFAST Elite Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinets can be used in a wide range of disciplines, as defined in appropriate standards. Especially suitable for applications such as: Microbiology, Virology, Haematology, Cell culture, Recombinant DNA and Handling of hazardous agents to human beings or animals.

External Dimensions

SafeFAST Elite 119SafeFAST Elite 112SafeFAST Elite 115SafeFAST Elite 118
Width 1045mmWidth 1350mmWidth 1655mmWidth 1960mm
Height 2345mmHeight 2345mmHeight 2345mmHeight 2345mm
Depth 781mmDepth 781mmDepth 781mmDepth 781mm


Easy pre-filter removal
Low noise level <59 dB(A)
Work surface of AISI 316 Stainless Steel;
Lighting level > 1000 Lux
Internal back wall of AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Electronically operated vertical sliding sash

Optional Accessories

UV lamp
Service fixtures (gas,water, air, vacuum, nitrogen)
Arm rest
Support stand with feet or castors
Additional sockets
Perforated work surface in sections or one piece
Ducting accessories
IV hanging rall

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