ChemFAST Premium

Biopharma offer the Faster ChemFAST Premium ducted Fume Cupboards, which have been adopted worldwide for personnel and environmental protection whilst handling harmful agents. They operate in a wide range of disciplines including Chemical and Analytical Laboratory applications.

Fume cupboard applications involving high heat, acid digestion, radiochemistry or ATEX rated atmospheres require further consideration. Options for each of these applications are available.

Many laboratory functions previously carried out on open bench tops are no longer permitted under current health and safety legislation and a suitable method of containing a chemical hazard must be employed.

A fume cupboard is a large enclosure comprising of five sides, either at standing height (Bench Mounted), or full height (Walk-In). Biopharma offer four standard sizes, independently Type Tested and Certified in accordance with BS EN14175.

Ducted Fume Cupboard Options

Constant Air Volume (CAV)Variable Air Volume (VAV)
Stainless Steel (External)Powder Coated (External)
Power Requirement (no. sockets)Gas/Vacuum Requirements
Under Unit StorageSupport Frame Options

    Optional Accessories

    Additional sockets
    ATEX Rated
    Gas taps
    Fire rated ventilated under-bench storage cabinets
    Support stand
    Upper Infil Arrangement
    Stainless steel/Epoxy coated

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