SafeFAST Elite Class III

The Faster SafeFAST Elite class III are microbiological safety cabinets designed to provide operator, product and environmental protection from the dangerous effects of uncontrolled diffusion of air-transported contaminants and at the same time, to avoid any biological interference from the environment to the product during its handling.

Class III microbiological safety cabinets are commonly used in laboratories to handle all type of pathogenic agents, classified from class I to class IV according to World Health Organisation classification.

SafeFAST Elite Class III cabinets from Faster include frontal screen equipped with gloves, in order to offer a physical barrier, isolating the application from the operator. The unit works in negative pressure, delivering vertical laminar air flow inside the main chamber providing product protection. The air inflow is from the transfer hatch side with approx. 30% of filtered air exhausted back into the environment.

External Dimensions

SafeFAST Elite 312SafeFAST Elite 315SafeFAST Elite 318
Width 2010mmWidth 2315mmWidth 2620mm
Height 2540mm (with stand)Height 2540mm (with stand)Height 2540mm (with stand)
Depth 880mmDepth 880mmDepth 880mm


Low noise level <57 dB(A)
Glove port options
Lighting level > 900 Lux
Test ports supplied within work area
Double lined transfer hatch
Internal power socket 4A IP55

Optional Accessories

Exterior of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Support stands (mild or stainless steel options)
Additional sockets
Compressed air line with manual tap
Nitrogen line with manual tap
Gas tap with automatic solenoid valve with foot switch
Special stand with automatic lifting system, maximum height 400mm

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