What does your perfect working environment sound like? Absolute silence? A little white noise? The low twittering of a radio in the background? Whatever your preference it’s nice to be able to hear yourself think when working, especially in a laboratory environment working with important samples or materials. The modern […]

Regularly servicing is advised for Clean Air systems to ensure they perform optimally and are fit for purpose. Faster Air employ independent service companies to undertake the validation and servicing of our lab equipment. Safety testing also ensures the products are compliant with standards, regulations, and good manufacturing practices, and […]

What are Isolators? Isolators are a major piece of equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, as their gas-tight enclosures provide a protective barrier in aseptic conditions and containment. They are made up by an arrangement of physical barriers that use containment as a way of creating the enclosed working space, enabling […]

A robot safety cabinet is one that is large enough to house a laboratory robot while it carries out its automated work. Like other microbiological safety cabinets, a robot safety cabinet will help to keep your workspace safe and free from contaminants which might otherwise escape into the air, giving […]

If you work in a Cleanroom, you’ll know how important it is to keep the space free from contaminants. One way to ensure this is to be proactive when it comes to finding any issues with the equipment you’re using through having a particle count test.  Why might a Cleanroom need a particle count test?  […]

Air showers are located at the entrances to cleanrooms and provide an extra layer of protection when it comes to cleansing workers of contaminants before they go in. By removing dust and other particles from individuals before they enter the cleanroom, air showers are vital in maintaining a contaminant-free workspace. […]

Have you seen the latest guidance from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE)? The report (number RR1146), entitled ‘Measuring and controlling emissions from polymer filament desktop 3D printers’ looked at the emissions of particulate from the process of 3D printing and assessed the effectiveness of control methods. The research found […]

Cell therapy and gene therapy are the buzz words most commonly heard in modern laboratories. In yester year you would have entered a laboratory to find powder handlers and pill making machines along with fume cupboards and chemical storage devices and scientists creating pharmaceutical and performing microbiological testing. The laboratories […]