How Often Should I Be Testing My FASTER Products?

Clean air and containment equipment such as Microbiological Safety Cabinets and Cross Flow Units must be regularly tested to ensure they are safe for use, performing efficiently, and compliant with manufacturing regulations such as BS EN 12469:2000.

Faster Air work with the Crowthorne Group to undertake validation and servicing of Faster products within the UK, who’s knowledgeable and experienced team are trained on a comprehensive range of clean air and containment equipment.

What safety tests are required?

We offer a range of performance and safety tests that can be conducted to ensure your Faster products are compliant with necessary safety regulations and fit for use. The range of testing required for maintaining your clean air equipment are listed below:

  • Anemometer
  • Smoke Visualisation
  • Dop
  • Particle Counts
  • KI Discus (Operator Protection)
  • Function
  • Physical Inspection
  • Remedial Action Recommendation

How often do my Faster products need to be tested?

The categorisation of the clean air product will determine the maximum interval between testing and servicing. Class I, II, and III safety cabinets should be testing annually, whereas containment equipment level 3 or 4 using HG3 or HG4 agents should be tested every 6 months, as a minimum requirement.

Industrial clean air equipment, such as Laminar Flow Trolleys, are typically used for storage and transfer of products that are hyper-sensitive to contamination. For this reason, testing should be as regular as 3-month intervals to ensure all safety measures are met and there is no threat to the external environment, though this can vary dependent on the type of equipment and its condition, as well as the expected level of compliance.

Ensure your products are safe and functioning at optimal levels with our validation testing. Contact one of our technical experts at Faster Air today to discuss your requirements.

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