How FASTER Plan to Inspire Change using Green Manufacturing

Climate change is currently a big issue that is on everyone’s minds. It is being discussed on a global scale and many campaigners are asking industries how they will be contributing to making a change for our planet.

FASTER endeavor to continually improve the products and services that they provide, working with distributors like our team in the UK at Biopharma Group, to bring the best quality to labs across the UK.

FASTER consider ‘green’ manufacturing to be split into two different areas; these are the manufacturing of green products that can minimise impact to the environment; and the manufacturing processes that we use to create the products in order to minimise waste, reduce pollution, minimise natural resource use, recycle and reuse wherever possible and also to reduce emissions.


How can FASTER products help to minimise impact on climate change?

Our microbiological safety cabinets and cytotoxic drug safety cabinets utilise a wide range of methods and materials that make them more environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on supplying products which use 99% recyclable materials, alongside innovative technologies which help to save energy consumption such as Certified ‘low pressure-drop’ H14 HEPA/ULPA filters, the new ECS® microprocessor and electronically controlled motor-blower with automatic pressure-drop compensation. These products also have Air cleanliness in Class ISO 3, according to ISO 14644-1.

What is the ECS® (Eco Controlling System)?

The Eco Controlling System is hosted within most of FASTER’s fume cupboards and microbiological safety cabinets. The ECS is a microprocessor which restores a power balance and manages ventilation and filtration for declining pressure drops – the principle functionality for the equipment – which saves up to 30% on power consumption and is better for the environment.

Our chemical fume hoods in the ChemFAST range also use technology which finds a compromise between pollutant removal rates and air-conditioning consumption and allows you to make energy savings of up to 80%. The small amount of air used is also filtered before being released into the environment.

How are FASTER looking to improve on their current environmentally friendly product ranges?

The R&D team at the FASTER factory based in Ferrara, Italy, are currently studying further technology and innovation to make our laboratory equipment even better for the environment.

As well as engineering our safety cabinets and fume cupboards to reduce energy usage and exhaust cleaner air, FASTER are always looking to improve the assembly processes used to manufacture the equipment. The FASTER factory is powered using 100% solar energy using nearly 1000 solar panels that are attached to the factory roof. This system, which also allows the team to monitor energy levels required to keep the factory fully operational at all times, can also be controlled remotely to control the energy supply provided.

FASTER has also implemented a ‘Lean Manufacturing’ approach which focuses on tackling and reducing 8 areas that are common factors in manufacturing waste:

Defects – Efforts caused by re-work, scrap and incorrect information

Overproduction – Production that is more than needed, or before it is needed

Waiting – Wasted time waiting for the next step in the process

Non-utilised potential – Not using people’s skills, knowledge and talents to their full

Transport – Unnecessary movements of products and materials

Inventory – Excess products and materials not being processed

Motion – Unnecessary movements by people

Extra processing – Unnecessary processing or activities in the process that do not add value

From re-organising the factory layout to minimise waste and time loss, to continually re-examining processes in order to minimise waste, plus the use of a high level of recyclable materials, FASTER’s lean manufacturing approach helps to make FASTER equipment more ecological.

Want to know more about our products and services?

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